How to stop grinding teeth is the question, if answered, would make someone instantly rich. The most common way people choose is to get a mouth guard and wear it at night. Of course this works best if your bruxism only happens at night.

However, there are people who grind their teeth during the day. They usually do it off and on throughout the day and over the course of months and years, you can imagine the amount of damage that can be done. If you grind your teeth during the day, you at least have a chance of breaking the habit yourself. If you have night time bruxism, that is much harder to control because you can't stop something you are doing while you sleep.

Many people choose to wear a mouth gaurd at night but what do you do if you grind teeth during the day? It is not too practical to go to work or school wearing a mouth guard. Any child who goes to school with a mouth guard is an instant target for ridicule. Adults would also have trouble keeping a job if they wore a mouth guard around all the time. So, the mouth guard isn't an option for those who grind their teeth during the daylight hours.

How to stop grinding teeth during the day is something there isn't an answer for yet. You might try chewing gum as that keeps you occupied on the gum and not on grinding. Chewing gum might also help your jaw get tired and make you less apt to grind when the gum is out. But chewing gum constantly isn't much of a cure and it is only something temporary to divert your mind and cushion your teeth.

Getting to the root problem of your grinding would be your best option but then the reason people grind is different for everyone. Stress counseling is a common choice and can help with your bruxism because it is thought that stress plays a big part for most people. Try to analyze your stress and figure out where it may be coming from. Seeking the help of a professional is always the best option. Your dentist might also have some ideas of his own.

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