One of the reasons that grinding teeth can be bad is that it can contribute to altering your bite. Pressure on your teeth over time will not only wear them down but can also move them around.

Everybody has a different bite that is defined by how your upper and lower teeth meet. When you get braces as a child or an adult, the main purpose is to change the way your upper and lower teeth come together so that your bite is correct.

Braces show that pressure on your teeth actually move them and adjust their angles. This can also happen with bruxism over a long period of time. Our teeth are not fused to the bone and they will move over the period of a lifetime. Grinding teeth at night can only make this worse.

I have noticed that all of a sudden my bite seems different than it did before. I can't identify exactly what is different but my teeth don't seem to be meeting each other like they did before. My bite seems different and not in a good way.

If you want to learn how to stop grinding teeth, it is a good idea to attack the problem before it does damage not only to your enamel but your bite. Wearing a bruxism mouth guard is an option but one you will probably not follow through with for the rest of your life. Grinding teeth guards are not the most pleasant thing to sleep with and that presents a dilemma for anyone with this problem.

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