A Natural Teeth Grinding Cure

Are you tired of teeth grinding?

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I made the video below to show you my simple custom made bruxism mouth guard that should help me stop grinding teeth. I had my dentist make this a while ago after he talked me into it. First he took an impression of my upper teeth and then sent that off to the lab. About $400 dollars later I now have this mouth guard that is supposed to be worn at night to help me stop grinding teeth.

It does work as it totally prevents my upper and lower teeth from coming together and grinding. The problem is that it is VERY uncomfortable and I don't want to spend the rest of my life wearing this to bed!

Now for about $1000 my dentist said that he could make a much more comfortable bruxism guard that would require impressions of both my lower and upper teeth. The night guard would not be as big around as the one you see in the video and it would sit between my teeth. Both my upper and lower teeth would naturally fit into the night guard as naturally as my teeth fit together and this would make it much more comfortable he said. But do I want to spend $1000 on another guard that I am probably just going to give up wearing after a while?

Seems to me the better option is just to learn how to stop grinding teeth once and for all!