If you have Bruxism (grinding teeth), you most likely found out from your dentist. Especially if you grind at night, you probably didn't have any idea you had the habit.

I found out from my dentist that my back teeth were being worn down and he suggested I get a bruxism mouth guard to stop the damage. Although the damage was not great right now, he said that over time my grinding would lead to big problems with my tooth. He could make me a custom mouth guard and it would cost around $600.00.

Now $600.00 is a lot of money to me especially for something that will probably have to be replaced in a couple of years. The bad part about a mouth guard is that it doesn't do anything to cure the problem. All it does is stop the damage and while that is fine, I didn't want to pay $600 for something that wasn't even a cure.

I wasn't able to stop the grinding myself so I tried to think of where I could get a cheaper bruxism mouth guard that wouldn't set me back so much. Luckily I thought of and sure enough they have one there that is much more reasonable.

If you want to get a bruxism mouth guard for much less you can online at Amazon. It won't be the absolute perfect fit you would get from your dentist but it should be more than adequate to stop the damage to your teeth.

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